Q1. What is SDTL®?

SDTL® stands for Small-biomolecules Decode Time and Life, a biotechnology researched and developed in Hong Kong. SDTL® products aim at using the most natural way to bring to everyone both beauty and health at once.

Q2. Is SDTL® beauty or health product?

Both! SDTL® own researched biotechnology allows us to bring together beauty and health. We believe that beauty comes from within, as in inner health. As long as you are healthy, you will look young and beautiful. In other words, SDTL® brings you beauty through improving your health!

Q3. Am I suitable to use SDTL® products? / Can I use SDTL® products if I am skin allergic?

SDTL® products are suitable for everyone, including people with sensitive skin, babies and elderlies. All SDTL® products are natural, vegan (animal-free), and contain no drug ingredients. SDTL® products have also obtained a number of international certifications, including SGS and CE marking to proof that they are heavy metal absence, sterile, and non-formaldehyde etc.

Q4. How can you ensure that everyone is suitable to use SDTL®?

The composition of SDTL® small biomolecules exists within all organisms, and including the human body. Therefore SDTL® are compatible with our biometric system. That’s why and when our cells are insufficient or damaged, SDTL® small biomolecules will only repair and replace but never reject (i.e. no adverse effects).

Q5. What are the visible effects of using SDTL® products?

Beauty effects such as firming, uplifting and whitening can be seen 15 seconds after use. Health effects such as restoration of energy and vitality, improved sleeping quality will also be significant.

Q6. Just external usage of SDTL® product can bring me beauty and health?

Yes. Because SDTL® product uses SDTL® Picotechnology that enables the SDTL® pico-sized small biomolecules to pass through the skin and goes directly into the cells to repair. This means that it is a very deep level of repair that deals with the root problem of your body.

Q7. Why some people have more apparent effects but some don’t?

Everyone has different expectation. The effect of SDTL® products will be more apparent and distinct when your original health condition is very undesirable. If you are young, healthy and beautiful, of course the effect of SDTL® is less apparent. However the contribution towards maintaining your general good health is still very significant.

Q8. Why are the effects of SDTL® products faster and more efficient than other external use products? They all claimed to be absorbed by the skin, so what are the differences?

SDTL® uses picotechnology (10-12), which compared to nanotechnology (10-9), is 1000 times smaller in scale. SDTL® technology enables the small biomolecules to pass through the cell membranes and reach the cells directly, repairing and rejuvenating any damaged cells. This makes our product the most efficient, most durable, safest, and the most effective.

Q9. What are the ingredients of SDTL® products? Why do they have such amazing effect?

SDTL® products are made of tens and thousands of different natural organic polyphenols molecules. Polyphenols, for example resveratrol found in red wines, are well known for their strong anti-aging ability, removal of free radicals and large amount of antioxidants. Polyphenols will react with nutrients such as Vitamins C, E, carotene, lycopene that we take in through our daily food consumption to bring out the best anti-oxidant function. Polyphenols also enhance the removal of harmful and oxidative free radicals and therefore are regarded as “The Natural DHEA (a type of growth hormone)”.

The many types of polyphenols used by SDTL® can significantly increase SOD mobility and therefore remove free radicals at a faster rate. It is therefore more effective than a single type of polyphenols that our food carries. It also has a very distinctive and efficient anti-aging and cell repairing function.

Besides, SDTL® products contain hundreds of thousands forms of small biomolecules formed by amino acids, which not only ensure the normal functioning of cells, they also work together and enhance one and other to achieve the best result.

SDTL® products can also enormously increase the oxygen carrying ability of red blood cells and oxygen tension (PaO2) and thus, a stronger metabolism and functioning of cells.

Q10. How does it work?

All sickness and diseases are caused by cells mutation.

When our cells lack oxygen or are low in oxygen levels, cell mutation and aging take place. They will then lose their metabolism and function. This includes unable to absorb nutrients, unable to remove harmful substances, or in some extreme cases, organ failure. SDTL® products prevent this from happening by increasing oxygen level in our red blood cells, promote SOD activity and immunity, and enhance the power of decomposition of free radicals and harmful substances; in turn repair and rejuvenate our body cells. Now that our body cells are normal again, they can function properly and hence, the effect of a self-healing mechanism and eventually, health.

Q11. Do SDTL® products have medical certificates/pharmaceutical registration? Do they fulfil the medical standards set out by The Pharmacy and Poisons Board of Hong Kong?

SDTL® products are not pharmaceutical products and contain neither Chinese nor Western medicine. Because of this, we are not and will not be conformed by the Drug Regulatory System of Hong Kong. We are however complying with the rules that are set out against skin care and/or personal care.

Q1. What is «Energy³» ?

«Energy3» is unique in the world, it is made by SDTL® bio-technology and skills, it is totally natural, it does not contain drugs nor hormone, it is rich in various types of natural anti-oxidant matters and polyphenols substance, it helps to boost the immune power of the body, bio-energy of the body, enhance the vitality and is healthy and beneficial for the body. «Energy3» means the three-dimensional expression of energy Energy x Energy x Energy.

Q2. Where does the energy of «SDTL® Energy³ come from ?

The energy of «SDTL® Energy3» comes from some organic matters of several types of polyphenols and vitamins of plants which have absor bed the essence of the mother nature and the strong anti-oxidant functions of plants as well as the high bio-technology and production skills of SDTL®.

Q3. Will the energy of «SDTL® Energy³ gradually disappear ?

During the purification period, the energy of «SDTL® Energy3» follows the energy constant theory and remain constant and does not disappear. But when it encounters both hydrogen and oxygen elements (such as H2O) and is used on living organisms (such as human beings or animals), according to the energy transfer theory, «SDTL® Energy3» makes the living organisms (human) shows remarkable positive effect of biological energy, and makes the energy in «SDTL® Energy3» to transform into health, beauty and vitality.

Q4. What kind energy is the energy of «SDTL® Energy³» ?

When it is not in use or it stands still, «SDTL® Energy3» cannot do anything. When «SDTL® Energy3» encounters both hydrogen and oxygen elements (such as H2O) at the same time, it releases chemical energy, and when it encounters living organisms (human), the natural polyphenols strongly attaches and remove the anti-oxidant, and facilitates the balancing of the cell functions, thus it shows miracle “vital energy”, “healthy energy” and “vivid energy”.

Q5. How can I be aware of the existence of the energy of «SDTL® Energy³» ?

After use, due to energy change, as the oxygen content of the cells increases, the degree of activeness of SOD rises, the ability to eliminate free radical is strengthened, so this removes physical fatigue, increases vitality, the eyes become brighter, the vision is better, the loose skin becomes firmer, the face is lifted, the large pores of the skin become smaller, the coarse skin becomes finer, the dull skin tone brightens up, the dark skin whitens and becomes softer, the wrinkles soothes, the eye bags shrink, the dark circles reduce, these all prove the existence of the positive energy of «SDTL® Energy3».

Q6. «SDTL® Energy³» is suitable for what kind of people?

Anyone who is passionate about living, passionate about life, passionate about health, passionate about youth, passionate about beauty, and who is willing to continue to lead a happy life is suitable for using «SDTL® Energy3».

Q7. The ingredients in «SDTL® Energy³ seem to be very ordinary which can be seen in the ingredients of all health products, regimen products, skin care products, cosmetics, but why can «SDTL® Energy³ show so many effects?

Knowledge is power, the power of technology is unlimited, it is because it is the «SDTL®» brand. By persevering the product concepts of nature, health, environmental production, excelling others, uniqueness, science can transform ordinary things into miracle, therefore the unique «SDTL®» bio-technology can make the ingredients of these ordinary natural raw materials of «SDTL® Energy3» show unique effects and results unmatched by others.

Q8. To improve the skin , «SDTL® Energy³» gives the best results for removing which types of pigments ?

The results of the removal of those pigments caused by the accumulation of a large number of chemical substances in the body by «SDTL® Energy3» are the best and can be made in the shortest time. The results of the removal of other pigments caused by biological reasons are too good, but since it takes time to repair cells, so the results are not as fast as the former.

Q9. Why it is necessary to add a small amount of water six times during the process of using «SDTL® Energy³»? What about just adding four times?

If water is added only four times, the results will be reduced by 50%; if water is added six times, the results are the best. However there should not be excessive water, just a small amount of water (a few droplets are enough) to avoid washing away the effective ingredients.

Q10. «SDTL® Energy³» can be used how many times a day ?

If you have time, you can use as many times as you like, if you like, why not? But in general it is used once in the day and once at night.

Q5. I have no problem in walking, but after a long walk or when I climb stairs, both my knees are painful, it is more serious when I go downstairs, after having taken calcium pills, it still doesn't work, do I have joint degeneration? Will «SDTL® Join» help?

Your symptoms look highly like degenerative arthritis, according to the feedback of the people using SDTL® Join, it gives good results for people with lack of power on their joints, difficulty in squatting, failure to climb upstairs and downstairs and pains on the joints, you need to experience yourself if it works on you.

Q7. On one of my knees, on the joint of an area with the size of a $10 coin, it has always been painful for many years, it is not red and there is no swelling, is it degenerative arthritis?

It is not degenerative arthritis. Probably it is “bony spur”, the growth of bone tissue, we suggest you to have an inspection at a hospital.

Q8. My knees are painful from time to time, when it occurs, it is red and hot, is it degenerative arthritis?

It is not degenerative arthritis, perhaps it is arthrolithiasis (we suggest to consult your doctor) or rheumatoid arthritis(we suggest to consult your doctor).

Q9. Are exercises effective for degenerative arthritis?

For minor degenerative arthritis, exercises work! For serious ones, exercises will aggravate it.

Q10. Why do joints degenerate?

Ageing and wear and tear and premature senility.

Q1. I have a PhD degree in biology, I had been working with my eyes for a prolonged period and I was tired, I did not sleep well, a friend let me try your «SDTL® Nitor», merely after 50 seconds, I discovered that my dark circles and eye bags shrank by half, I was shocked. I did not believe there was a totally natural product with such results in the world, because this was beyond the scope of our discipline and understanding, but I and several classmates tried it a few times, the actual facts were that we could not disbelieve it, may I ask what is «SDTL® Nitor» What are its functions?

《SDTL® Nitor》is a comprehensive anti-ageing natural botanic repair essence, its ingredients are natural microscopic elements, its functions are to facilitate the normal supply of oxygen to cells, balance the equilibrium of moisture and grease contents of the skin, enhance the vitality of SOD, reduce the content of malonyl tsuen, strongly eliminate free radicals (Dr Luk Wang Lung, master degree holder of clinical dermatology of the University of London pointed out in the press release conference on 15 March this year, “free radicals” will damage the collagen in harden the elastic fibers in the body, so the skin will lose elasticity, freckles and wrinkles will appear etc, they will also stimulate the growth of melanin in the body and reduce the metabolism of epidermis cells, so the skin will have various problems such as dryness and appearance of pigment etc.).

Q2. Can you compare the results and theory of functions of «SDTL® Nitor» with similar products? Have you made comparative experiments? Is there any safety tests? Can children and infants use them?

We still have not discovered products of the same kind with the functions of SDTL® Nitor, if you find anything, please tell us so that we can make a comparison! Safety tests have been made on SDTL® Nitor, it can be used on the elderly and children! Why do infants need to use it?

Q3. SDTL® Nitor has so many functions and results, how does it differ from a drug? Does it increase the immune ability?

The differences are that drugs have side effects, while 《SDTL® Nitor》does not have side effect; it does not have medicinal ingredients . The feedback of the users is that it helps with increasing the immune ability.

Q4. I've got several friends who use SDTL® Nitor, now they even do not use the cosmetics and skin care products that they used previously, I think perhaps they may be over-obessed? And they have been strongly recommending it to me, I don't get it, why I must use SDTL® Nitor?

Have you asked your friends? Why now they scrap the other cosmetics and skin care products? From you question, we can feel that you are rather rational person, your friends have been strongly suggesting you to use it, have they obtain any benefits from this? If there isn’t, they are doing so with good intention, right? If you want to be healthy, youthful, pretty and happy, why not give «SDTL® Nitor» a try? You may be able to understand the reasons why your good friends have been strongly recommending it to you!

Q5. The results of SDTL® Nitor are so fast, are there side effects? Does it contain glycolic acids? Is it harmful to the skin?

From an observation of all users (aged 1 to 98, male, female, the whites, the yellow race, black in all countries and regions), there is no side effect in using SDTL® Nitor. SDTL® Nitor does not contain glycolic acids, it does no harm to the skin! It is well aware that glycolic acid makes great damage to the skin, it makes allergic skin even more allergic and suffer from serious damage. People with allergic skin will see that their allergic skin will be improved after using SDTL® Nitor.

Q7. How do I know that the effective ingredients that you claimed could enter into the cells rapidly?

We know this because we made a large number of scientific experiments, there were adequate data proving that they carried out their functions effectively, and the results of speeding up were also proved, you also know that if we do not have effective ingredients which go into the cells, it is impossible to have the results that you have experienced, right?

Q8. I previously easily got tired, sneezed, dozed off, yawned, these were remarkably improved after I had used «SDTL® Nitor»? Also my nose allergy also improved a lot, was some special medicine added inside SDTL® Nitor?

There is no medicinal ingredients in << SDTL® Nitor >> at all! It merely repairs damaged cells, resumes the youth and vitality of cells, so your “conditions” were improved!