Chan Ka Ho

SDTL® Ambassador

Track and Field Athlete

● Hong Kong Track and Field team member and coach

● Hong Kong 3 km Obstacle Race and 3 km record keeper

● 2017 Standard Chartered Hong Kong Men’s 10 km Marathon Champion

● SPORTSHOUSE 10 km Hong Kong Challenge 2017 Grand Champion

● 2017 North Pole Men’s Marathon 4th Place

● 2017 Standard Chartered Hong Kong Men’s – Half Marathon 3rd Place

Personal Sharing

Before I became an SDTL® Ambassador, I noticed that my wife, Kit Ching, seems could run endlessly without getting exhausted after she used SDTL® Energy Cube® and other SDTL® products. Now I know it is so powerful!!


I had an old joint wound, which gave me a pain feeling during I run, could not be effectively cured by various methods. After using SDTL® Join, the wound was finally healed!

Sharing by Chan Ka Ho