Chan Ka Ho

SDTL® Ambassador

Chan Ka Ho – Hong Kong Amateur Athletic Association team member and coach, Hong Kong 3000m Steeplechase and 3000m record holders, Standard Charter Hong Kong Marathon 10km Race 2017 – Men’s Champion, Sports House Hong Kong Chanllenge 2017 -Men’s Group Overall Champion and North Pole Marathon 2017 – Men’s Group 4th Place

Product Sharing

Before I was a SDTL® Ambassador, I saw Christy always used SDTL® Energy Cube® and other SDTL® products. I was thinking: “Are SDTL® products really great?” However, Christy never feel tired when she runs. Now I use it, I know it’s powerful !

Because I have old injuries in my joints, I always feel pain when I run for a while. I haven’t seen any obvious results with many treatments. Later I used SDTL® Join and my old injury problem was solved !

Feeling Sharing